Concept Discovery

At SGS we study the visual trends and competitors of your footwear category helping you stand out whilst also honing your ideal audience. We then incorporate our research and your inspirations to create a visual story outlining your customer, identity and design direction.


Design Development

Through a series of sketches we explore and develop the strongest design direction for your project by experimenting with silhouettes, constructions and details. Collaboratively we revise these designs creating a refined collection for your brand.


Technical Package and Specifications Sheet

We translate your final designs into a computer generated render creating a comprehensive set of documents with multiple views, colorways and sampling specifications. This set of documents communicates to the manufacturer all the necessary details to construct your product whilst ensuring realistic estimates and manufacturing consistent products.


Color & Materials Research & Development

Shoe Girls Studio researches upcoming trends in color and materials. Whilst maintaining the integrity of your brand and price point, we create a color story and choose the right materials to make your design functional and attractive. Our materials are sourced both domestically and around the world by our trusted footwear specialists to meet the needs and parameters of your project.


In-house Sampling

Our skilled sample makers will hand make your first prototype in our very own Brooklyn based sample room. This gives you the opportunity to test your concept. Local sampling enables a quicker turnaround establishing the correct silhouette, materials and general feel of the shoe.


Global Factory Sourcing

Our global network offers our clients access to a diverse set of vendors and manufacturers. We choose factories for each project tailored towards design, budget and minimum order quantities. Shoe Girls Studio audits every factory we work with to evaluate Quality Control and ensure ethical and efficient production.


Product Development

Shoe Girls Studio translates your designs from paper to product. We walk you through the sampling process, using our seasoned expertise to troubleshoot any issues. We streamline communication to sample makers and conveying your feedback to the factory are our top priority.


Production Management

We liaise between our clients and vendors. Services include negotiating price point and quantities, coordinating the lead times from production to delivery, and quality control. We work to provide a smooth and efficient process for product delivery.


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